Our Lo-Pro Wefts ensure endless possibilities with the best of both worlds, machine weft and hand tied weft. NO RETURN HAIR. LAYS FLATTER. LASTS LONGER.

    We offer single wefts for the best possible color matching experience. Single wefts also cut down on over ordering. 

    18" 15grams per single weft

    22" 20grams per single weft

    24" 20grams per single weft


    Our recommendation is as follows for how much hair to order:

    2-4 singles for fullness

    5-10 singles for fullness and length

    10-16 singles for shorter hair OR extra thick and coarse hair.

    You may also require "weft packs". Pleas refer to our Packs page for more info.

    26 products

    26 products