Boost Your Lotus +June Hair Extensions' Longevity With These Solid Tips.
  • -Always wash with a sulphate free shampoo/conditioner. Using a clarifying shampoo once a week or as needed is advised.
  • -When shampooing try and keep the hair in the same direction and avoid scrubbing it all around together as this will create tangles. We love to use the DOMDOM Wet Brush to brush conditioner through our extensions. We also love using the Bombay Hair Extensions Loop Brush for brushing dry extensions.
  • -Oil mids/ends of hair as needed. Avoid the root area of the hair extensions. We typically run oil through after the initial styling. We do not recommend oiling daily if you tend to go days without washing.
  • -Air drying is great for hair extensions. (The less heat, the longer the hair will last). But it’s important to remember to dry the top of the wefts close to the scalp to prevent matting.
  • -Sleep in a low braid or low ponytail or low pigtails.
  • -Sleep on a satin/silk pillowcase. This is also great for your skin!
  • -When brushing, start at the ends and work your way up. Brush as needed and always before getting wet and before bed.
  • -Avoid getting sunscreen on the extensions(especially blondes will turn the dreaded peach, orange color). If you are in the sun and need sunscreen, a mineral sunscreen will not stain your extensions. Check your labels.
  • -Before swimming, use a good leave in and spritz on your hair and put in a braid. This will help with dryness and tangling.
  • -Hard water can strip natural color and hair extension color and nutrients. If possible, invest in a water softening system if needed.
  • -Salt water and Chlorine can do the same as hard water.
  • -If you have ordered our single handtied wefts, we do not recommend cutting them. Our flex wefts may be cut! Each style may be stacked and sewn in with the method of your choice.
  • -Hair can last 6-9 months with proper care. NOTE: Darker/Virgin shades tend to last considerably longer than blonder/processed shades.
  • -Our hair extensions are made from 100% human hair. Therefore, it is completely natural for hair colors to fade just as natural hair on your head would. We recommend and encourage toning, low lighting when necessary, glazing, all with the demi-permanent and permanent color. We do not recommend bleaching or balayage or any kind of lightening service on the extensions. It will dry out the hair and compromise the quality.
  • -You may use heat on the extensions. We do not recommend heat over 400°. When blow drying, always blow dry the top of the wefts first, as they hold the most moisture.
  • -Keep in mind that our method of sewing, as far as many other methods of sewing usually will use tools and material that contain the following: silicone(beads), copper(beads), nylon(sewing), cotton(sewing). 

Our all time favorite products for our hair extensions are:


Unite 7 Second Shampoo + Conditioner

Unite 7 Second Leave In Detangler

Unite 7 Second Glossing Spray

Davines OI Shampoo + Conditioner

Kenra Leave In Blow Dry Spray

Mane Ivy She Comes First Hair Serum

Davines SU Hair Mask

Davines SU Hair Milk

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